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Nothing to chant home about

October 27, 2010

Nile Ranger.

Sounds like a Ugandan bass fishing boat.

Sadly, it is no such thing.

It’s actually the name of a dood on the Newcastle United soccer team.

I don’t know a thing about him and I don’t watch much of the Newcastle squad.

What I do know is he appeared to be thinking about anything but soccer in the second half of the game today vs Arsenal.  Frankly, I’ve seen Timmy Lupus play a more engaging game at right field than this dood managed at Saint James’ Park.

The game was a little rough and tumble, but I didn’t see any knife fights break out.  There was no reason to hide.  I know Sagna’s hair is scary, but he is French.

It actually takes a lot of work to look like you’re doing something when you aren’t.  I advise the young man to put that energy into actually playing the game like it’s meant to be played.


Nice marmot, dood.

Picture from over yonder.

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