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Stunning Serendipity

October 20, 2010
Aly singing and playing the guitar.

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I was spooling around the tube the other day and landed on something called Bandslam.  It’s basically a teen romance.  Nothing particularly original about it, but it seemed to be inoffensive overall.  There was singing because singing is in now.  Vanessa Hudgens was in it, which I figured out later because I wouldn’t know her from a dead squirrel even though I know the name.  Lisa Kudrow made an appearance as the cool mom.

What stopped me from moving to the next channel was a scene with the band kicking into gear and some blonde chick singing.  Her name is Alyson Michalka;  I looked it up.  I was surprised I hadn’t seen her in anything before.  She has presence (cool, kinky blonde locks, a purty face and she can sing).

Just this minute, I flipped over to some new show called Hellcats during a commercial break in the Phillies game.  It’s about college cheerleading as far as I can tell.  Lo and behold, young Alyson is front and center.  I assume the cable wonks dragged Bandslam out of mothballs as a result of her upcoming turn on this new show.  I had never heard of the film before, but it has been on quite a few times since I first noticed it.

The cheerleader show also has D.B. Woodside, who was Principal Wood on the Buffy TV series.  So the show has got some things going for it.  Still, don’t count on me watching it regularly.  At least, don’t count on me ever admitting to have watched it.  Ever.

Remember, I suffer this stuff so you don’t have to.

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