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Regular Oil Changes

October 17, 2010


FBI Mobile Command Center - Washington Field O...

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This is why you should get your oil changed regularly.

SAN FRANCISCO – Yasir Afifi, a 20-year-old computer salesman andcommunity college student, took his car in for an oil change earlier this month and his mechanic spotted an odd wire hanging from the undercarriage.

The wire was attached to a strange magnetic device that puzzled Afifi and the mechanic. They freed it from the car and posted images of it online, asking for help in identifying it.

Two days later, FBI agents arrived at Afifi’s Santa Clara apartment and demanded the return of their property — a global positioning system tracking device now at the center of a raging legal debate over privacy rights.

Now, I can actually see both sides of the issue here.  The G Men aren’t really getting any info they couldn’t get by surveilling the chap; however, they get that info at significantly reduced cost.  On the other hand, well, it’s just more skeezy bullshit from these government fucksticks.  As a whole they remind me of the gung-ho cop in the movies willing to do anything to get his man.  Anything.  They think they’re the good guys and it’s okay for the good guys to be bad.

Either way, what irks me more than anything is that the G Men would demand their “property” back.

Listen up, Man.  If you put devices in or on my property without my consent and I find it, you’re not getting it back.  Can you imagine electronically tailing your neighbor and then demanding he compensate you for your device when it gets damaged at the Tournament of Destruction demolition derby he entered?  Totally legit, right?

The fact that you would try to get it back indicates to me that you know you were being sketchy, weaselly-eyed assholes.

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