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Never laugh at live dragons

October 16, 2010

It would seem like The Hobbit would be a sure bet to get made (seeing as how The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a critical and financial success), but MGM had its own dragons to slay.

Good news finally comes as the movie got greenlit with Peter Jackson directing.

The site mentions Martin Freeman (seen doing good things in such films as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and such TV riotousness as The Office).  However, this news blurb says otherwise.  Too bad, he would have worked, I think.

Either way, I won’t believe this movie is getting made until it is showing in a theater near me.  Judging by the timetable thus far, I would assume that would be some time around 2029…if ever.

I still have fond memories of the 1977  version, which I had on wax (accompanied by a small picture book) when I was a whelp.  Man, did I dig when the goblins showed up.  My kind of folk.

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