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The Gunslinger

October 12, 2010

I can’t even express my feelings about Brett Favre.  None of it is positive and it is probably best that we not delve too deeply into that pit.

I will say that much of it comes from his long run of Bear-killer performances while he wore the dreaded gold and green.  Other than that, he is just one of those folks that I see and instantly have disdain for.  Nothing has ever happened to change that.

Now, we have a Monday Night Football game that has Favre and the Royal Douche, Randy Moss, on the same team.  The opponent features the boastfully bloated Rex Ryan and one of the least capable QB’s in the league.

The Gunslinger had a night that summed him up quite nicely.  He threw for his 500th touchdown (and his 501st and 502nd, the NFL career record) and eclipsed 70,000 yards passing (NFL career record).

However, he added another fumble to his NFL career record when he fumbled near midfield with 5:29 left in the first half and down 6-0.  NY would turn that into a half-ending drive, getting a field goal with 17 seconds left and resulting in a 9-0 lead.

Favre went on to fumble during the Vikes‘ first possession of the second half (again at midfield, again the resulting NYJ drive got them a field goal).

Finally, with less than 2 minutes in the game and down two points, Favre threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown, effectively ending the game.

What kind of phone cam pics do you send the young ladies after a stinker of a game like that?

The trouble with gunslingers is that eventually some stranger shows up and shoots them (see below, I’m sure you can figure out who is who — Favre is in purple, obviously) and then the town gets painted.

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