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Chuck vs The Massive Boredom Attack

October 5, 2010
Logo from the NBC television program Chuck

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I can hardly watch Chuck anymore.  This makes me sad.  It used to bring me joy.

The underlying romance arc is stale.  They have replaced the will they/won’t they get together BS with a similar feeling angst about true feelings and commitment.  Boooring!

The new “Chuck’s Mom” story is just another run at the previously done “Chuck’s Dad” story.  Ellie is now back in the dark and Chuck is hiding his life from his family again.  Awesome seems to be getting less awesome.

Did we get anywhere after all this time?  Morgan has, sadly, joined the spy team.  He is wonderful as a bumblingly successful Buy More employee.  Anything more than that goes against the grain of his character for me and does so without some profound personal growth forced on him.

The missions are afterthoughts to some grand overall story arc while serving as a backdrop each week for Chuck and Walker to hash out more feelings.  Aww, look moon faces and starry eyes!  How special.

Even the classic references are starting to feel forced.

Yvonne Strahovski is still nice to look at, but that joy is more than offset by having to stomach the likes of Nicole Richie (who, granted, isn’t awful, but are there no real actors out in the world looking for a fucking gig?)

Jeffster and Casey can’t to do it for me by themselves.

I won’t even get into the last episode.  I couldn’t stomach it.  Not that the show has become completely horrid.  It’s just that it reminds me of the Chuck I used to watch.  Just a sad memory of a show that I don’t think exists anymore.

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